1920’s Classic


45m | 147.6ft




x12 guests | x8 crew

Working together with Keel Marine on this unique project, ThirtyC have assisted in the styling and interior design of this 1920’s style yacht. Creating a yacht that echo’s back to a treasured era in yachting. Blending classic elements with a few modern touches and current engineering practices.

The design is based upon developed naval architecture and detailed development of the hull form by Keel Marine, along with structural analysis and stability studies. With input from ThirtyC, the exterior styling has been developed to fully utilise the space available, creating considered spaces with functionally and purpose.

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The classic style will continue into the interior marrying both together to create a very special yacht. Utilising as munch natural light as possible, unique skylight applications and their locations have been considered from an early stage in the design.