Navier 27


8.2m | 27ft




Fully Electric

Navier’s design called for strong aesthetics, creating a new recognisable identity to set it apart from the crowd.

Developed to be at ease both in and out of the water was a key design consideration. The lines of the Navier range have also be developed to simplify the construction process, bringing the range into a more affordable price point, not normally associated with electric vessels.

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While working closely with the experienced Naval architect Paul Bieker of Bieker Boats, the team have developed a strong and identifiable design platform on which variants can be built, from hard top cabin versions to open configurations. They styling follows a clean and unfussy approach, bringing in strong styling lines whilst retaining a classic, luxury, yet contemporary feel.

Navier’s angular accents not only add to the bold looks but also aid structurally to the design. Hidden handholds and guardrails have been designed into the boat to add safety for guests, becoming an integrated design feature, rather than simply additions, as such not impacting on the looks and clean lines.

The innovative approach to electric propulsion, combined with modern foiling technology, allows for a much more voluminous feel on board, without the constraints of a large engine bay, both the interior and exterior spaces can be opened up allowing a free flow from stern to bow, offering the opportunity for multiple configuration options and potential uses.
The expansive use of glazing in the hard top version, combined with glazed roof section, floods the interior space with light and views from almost 360o whilst providing a comfortable yet practical enclosed area, which can offer shelter from adverse conditions or offer a cooler space, depending on configuration.

The styling of the hard top, runs through the DNA into the open version, keeping the strong, clean lines of the hull form, yet bringing a more dynamic and sporty feel to the profile, with the low glazed screen and with lightweight bimini, offering design cues to the other configuration options, whilst still retaining a suitable structure for shade and all required technological equipment.