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Working together with IYC to develop a brand new beach club retrofit concept in conjunction with Lürssen to show how the potential addition of this popular design feature would enhance VALERIE’s beautiful design even further.

Our beach club concept for VALERIE is a serene space that would make use of the existing large stern area to create a water’s-edge base, with the option of a stunning glass ceiling that looks up through the swimming pool above to create a unique lighting atmosphere by day and night. The design includes removable seating, which will allow for additional storage for toys or conversion to a gym for a work-out with a view. This design and space can be easily tailored to suit a potential buyer and their guests.

Developing a beach club option for VALERIE is a move that makes sense, with increased demand for this design feature on yachts, and a retrofit being a smart way to upgrade the yacht with little investment when compared to the purchase price of a new build.

“Back in 2007, when VALERIE was drawn on paper, a beach club was not a major area of interest for that generation of owners, hence the huge sun deck with 6m swimming pool that we have in its place,” says Richard Gray, IYC Sales Broker and central agent for VALERIE. “With the inclusion of the beach club, it could be the missing piece that buyers are looking for, that brings VALERIE in line with current new build launches and, in most cases, outweighs the brokerage market competition.”