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Working together with Yacht Intelligence to develop an innovative sail-meets-cinema concept aboard our 88m Lotus. A design and build collaboration between Royal Huisman and Dykstra Naval Architects, our 88m concept superyacht design is a twin-masted Dyna rig, which provides the perfect excuse for the ulitmate state-of-the-art open-air cinema setup.

Utilising Lotus Dyna rig to provide the screen, the open-air theatre will be visible from the entire top deck, with ample space for friends, family and guests to enjoy a movie under the stars.

Designed to work in the early evening light as well as at night, the setup offers a highly-desirable, more versatile option.

Building on the subtle, integrated design, 9.2 Surround Sound audio has been specified to come from the James Loudspeaker range, which negates the need for big on-deck speakers that would interfere with the boat’s design and layout.  Using the custom curved Left/Centre/Right, the speaker system will raise automatically from the curved seating and will be designed to match the finish of the seating and discreetly blend in.

As to be expected from a Yacht Intelligence audiovisual design, all can be controlled via iPad using a Crestron control system with an app, and the system is compatible with an array of movie library sources.